Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All Natural ADD/ADHD remedy

Many Homeopathic Remedies are available!Newton Labs - HYPERCALM

All Natural ADD/ADHD Remedy

While my son has not been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, I can say that he exhibits many of the symptoms and tendencies of children with the disorder. I know that there are medical treatments out there for kids with ADD/ADHD but many of the drugs cause the children to be "zombie" children and have more side effects than I can count.  So I really am and was hesitant to go that route. I decided to treat it naturally. There are a number of things that can be done at home including establishing a routine, diet changes, exercise, herbal remedies, etc CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THESE REMEDIES.

 I decided to try a bit of each but found that there was an herbal remedy that was a lifesaver for me. We were having trouble potty training our son at the age of 4 (and still the occasional "accident" now) when we turned to what we called "feel better drops". He understood what to do but would be so busy with something that he would choose it over the restroom. There may be many versions of these but we used a product by Newton Laboratories called "Hypercalm". It is made from all natural ingredients and is available in a dropper or pellet form. The drops didn't put him into a coma and didn't give him a high, they just took the "edge" off and allowed him to think a bit more clearly to make the right decision.

They worked so well! He is six now and still needs the drops on occasion. They aren't a cure but certainly beat the alternative of putting him on an addictive medicine. These drops are available at almost any natural foods store. Be sure to consult with a doctor  before trying any therapies and also be sure to check the ingredients for an possible allergies!

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