Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brush Buddies Talking Toothbrushes

Have you checked out Brush Buddies?

Brush Buddies is a funky company that has a variety of "novelty" oral care products:  Singing Lady Gaga Toothbrushes,  Singing Justin Bieber Toothbrushes, and even cute animal themed ones! My favorite is "Swingin Sammy"! Not only does Sammy play a song but he also teaches your children about great oral hygiene. Each time your children use this toothbrush, he will instruct them to brush their upper teeth for the first minute, then their lowers, he will even tell them "GREAT JOB" when they are finished!

You can Also Choose from:

 And so many others! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Choosing A Musical Instrument

My son's first musical instrument?

The time has come where I am now deciding if my oldest is ready to play a musical instrument. I, myself, played the viola, flute, and oboe but I am certain that he is not interested in any of those! Not only is the idea of him being ready for this responsibility a challenge but add to that the fact that I will be home-schooling next year...and I feel like the decision will never get made!

We live in a smaller town so there aren't too many places to check. My first thought, of course, is to hit the pawn shop where all of my first instruments came from - BUT- this is a special deal for him so we are looking for something he will treasure forever (or a week). He has been begging to play the guitar and since I know a bit about string-ed instruments - it sounds good to me! So we went out looking for one and I saw this epiphone dr-100 acoustic guitar at guitar center. It looks to be a pretty sweet instrument and is a GREAT price (probably lower than the pawn shop!).

So it looks like this will be the one! If you have any tips or trick (or advice) please share!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Eco-Friendly Items Deivered Straight to your Door

 I L-O-V-E LOVE the Conscious Box! 

 The conscious box is an amazing delivery service that will deliver a box of eco-friendly sample items to your door once a month for as long as you choose!

Once your conscious box arrives, you can go back online and submit reviews on the received products to earn points towards full size items! You automatically get 10 FREE POINTS just for having your box delivered.

This box is great to give as a gift or to buy  for yourself to help you learn more about sustainable, earth-friendly items! Each box is packed with items from companies who use renewable energy, organic farming, and are non-toxic AND chemical free!

Packages are available in the Original Box, Vegan, and Gluten Free!

Select a monthly, 3 month, 6 month, or even a 1 year subscription!

EARTH DAY SPECIAL - enter code EARHTDAYFREE at checkout

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easy and "Green" Fundraisers


So...last week, my children brought home fundraiser "packets"...not papers...PACKETS! This year alone, I can count over 20 fundraisers my school has utilized....magazines, food, candies, junk, books...just to name a few. NONE of these are things that I normally use nor do we have a lot of family who uses these my children are always at a loss in the race to win the pencils and grab bag prizes :( With this in mind,  I began searching for different fundraising ideas to present to the PTA, something that was useful, easy, and that people actually wanted.

Check out Jen's Wreaths!

They make gorgeous gifts and wreaths from Northern Minnesota and  make it so easy  for your group to raise money! They provide everything you need...even a sample wreath. It isn't like candy bars where your group buys a minimum, with Jen's you only have to pay for what you sell! Check it out! They are gorgeous gifts and something that you can buy for your own home or gift out! They also sell to corporate groups and individuals!! Check out the link and check out Jen's next time your group needs to raise money...It beats having another TV Guide on the table!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All Natural ADD/ADHD remedy

Many Homeopathic Remedies are available!Newton Labs - HYPERCALM

All Natural ADD/ADHD Remedy

While my son has not been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, I can say that he exhibits many of the symptoms and tendencies of children with the disorder. I know that there are medical treatments out there for kids with ADD/ADHD but many of the drugs cause the children to be "zombie" children and have more side effects than I can count.  So I really am and was hesitant to go that route. I decided to treat it naturally. There are a number of things that can be done at home including establishing a routine, diet changes, exercise, herbal remedies, etc CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THESE REMEDIES.

 I decided to try a bit of each but found that there was an herbal remedy that was a lifesaver for me. We were having trouble potty training our son at the age of 4 (and still the occasional "accident" now) when we turned to what we called "feel better drops". He understood what to do but would be so busy with something that he would choose it over the restroom. There may be many versions of these but we used a product by Newton Laboratories called "Hypercalm". It is made from all natural ingredients and is available in a dropper or pellet form. The drops didn't put him into a coma and didn't give him a high, they just took the "edge" off and allowed him to think a bit more clearly to make the right decision.

They worked so well! He is six now and still needs the drops on occasion. They aren't a cure but certainly beat the alternative of putting him on an addictive medicine. These drops are available at almost any natural foods store. Be sure to consult with a doctor  before trying any therapies and also be sure to check the ingredients for an possible allergies!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Flirty Girl Fitness Review!


Get Fit & Get your GROOVE Back!

I must say that I remember seeing the commercials on MTV for Flirty Girl Fitness for the first time and I remember being shocked at the concept. I saw the workout as a bit on the racy side and assumed that it had little fitness value. C'mon, were you really going to lose weight gyrating around and popping your booty? I usually will not admit that I am wrong (just ask my husband) but I am here to state for the record that I, indeed, was WRONG.

I recently found myself (a 32 year old mother of 5 kids under 9) standing in the middle of my gym's aerobic's class feeling less than sexy and extremely out of place. I was attending all of the trusted method classes: Zumba; step aerobics; and dance aerobics. I quickly realized that I wasn't as coordinated as I used to be and I also wasn't getting the results that I wanted to see. The last straw came when I attended my step class and had to do 1 hour of step aerobics to Christmas tunes. Needless to say low impact and extremely boring. I was trying all of the diet supplements available both herbal remedies and enhancers but still no results...actually there was one- I was gaining weight! I was desperate to win my weight-loss war!
Well, the holidays kicked in and my gym time dwindled. I really didn't overeat or go crazy BUT I did end up skipping my workouts. They didn't seem like as much fun as I had thought they would be. If it's more like a chore to do it...then it isn't the right workout for me. I had to find something that could get me motivated. Something that would get me to enjoy the hour of my workout instead of dreading it. As if it were meant to be, I sat up late on a Saturday night and caught a commercial for Flirty Girl Fitness "Booty Beat" . This time, its didn't look like a racy looked like exactly what I needed. A chance to lose some weight and a chance to get back that "sexy" feeling.

I quickly found some Flirty Girl Videos online and tried them. I was HOOKED! Yes, I will also admit that the first time I "dropped it like it's hot"....I dropped and was stuck --but hey, we all have to start somewhere! I felt like I was dancing at the club and could feel the workout in my legs and in my core. The moves were easy to alter for lighter impact and all of the routines were set to fun and funky songs by today's top artists.
I quickly started to see results! I began seeing my jeans fit better and my booty was certainly toning up. Anxious for more, I went to the website for Flirty Girl Fitness. I found out that they have many varieties of their workout! There is the "booty beat", The "Chair Dance" , "Video Vixens", "Hottie Body Boxing" , and even Pole Dancing aerobics kits. I think that the best part of what they offer is the "Teaser" collection. It allows you to sample the workouts by purchasing 2 shorter videos for only $9.99. I have not been brave enough to get the pole kit but certainly see the pink boa in my future! They even offer videos online and they operate Flirty Girl Fitness Gyms.

To my surprise, I also found that I can attend a "Flirtification" to become licensed to teach the classes! I am so in! Will my first class laugh at me when I thrust my booty and pelvis around?...maybe. Do I care? I usually laugh at those who claim to be "empowered" by a workout or by something that they have done but in this case it truly fits the way I feel. While Flirty Girl Fitness was a little awkward at first, I settled right in, saw results, and got a bit of my sexy back.

I recommend this workout to anyone looking for a FUN way to lose weight! I also hope to be teaching it soon at a gym near you!

RoxyLean - Fatburner Review!

RoxyLean  - My vote for a powerful fat burner!

 I must first say that I am typically against putting anything UN-natural into my system. While others may swear by their favorite "fat Burner" or "diet miracle pill", I try to steer towards getting natural energy boosts from the foods that I eat. That being said, after a referral from a gym friend, I decided it RoxyLean was worth checking out. Maybe it was the statement on the bottle that said "professional grade" or maybe it was the very nice salesperson  at GNC, but something compelled me to try it. Here are my thoughts....

1. The GOOD -
  • The price. Comparatively it is a much better deal than other products on the market that are double the price. You only take 1 pill a day where others call for up to 6.
  • No cravings! When I have tried other "burners" before, they seem to make me want to eat all day long. I didn't notice this with RoxyLean.
  • The effect. This pill REALLY did give me an energy boost. It was maybe 5 minutes into my first workout and I felt the rush of energy. I ended up staying on the elliptical for an extra 20 minutes! I didn't want my workout to be over and truly felt great!
2. The BAD -
  • The stomach ache! This was the only downside that I saw to the Roxy Lean. Maybe 3 minutes after taking the pill I began having major stomach cramps and felt a warm-tingling sensation in my cheeks. The tingling wasn't bad but the cramping was unbearable! I went to GNC to see if I was dying. He assured me that I was not dying but that I was having a natural reaction to the Niacin in the Roxy Lean. Roxy Lean contains 150% of your daily allowance of Niacin so it was just a lot at once. He suggested that I take it on an empty stomach and then have a piece of toast. It did help to add the toast but not enough to make the cramping stop altogether. Judging from the online reviews, others have had these sensations too but I usually react worse than others to medications and pills so I expect my reaction to be worse.
  • Caffeine- It does contain the amount of caffeine as there is in 3 cups of coffee...but doesn't  every diet pill or burner that works? Caffeine doesn't bother me so it wasn't a problem!
So, Would I recommend Roxy Lean to others, YES. It is the best "burner" that I have ever taken. It promised an energy boost and endurance during my workout and I certainly got it! I would certainly advise that you know going into it that you may have some side effects but that is true of every diet pill. 

Does it work? I can't answer that one. I couldn't get past the cramping. I do think that if I had continued to take it I would have seen enhanced results! The workouts that I had after taking them were intense and longer than my normal ones. I felt the boost right away and it isn't normal for me to "Feel" the effect of these types of products so I vote yes, it works.

My best tips and advice if you want to try RoxyLean:
  1. Check out your local GNC or health and wellness store. They often will have free trial packages of best sellers for you to tryout. 
  2. Purchase from a company who offers a product guarantee...just in case.
  3. Take on an empty stomach and have a piece of toast about 2 minutes after taking the medicine.
  4. DON'T TAKE IT JUST TO HANG OUT AT HOME! The energy boost is truly there and it is a bit overwhelming. It is best to take it about 10 minutes before your workout. That way, if there are reactions you will be mid workout and not notice it as much and you will feel it kick in when you really need it to!

Click HERE to order your RoxyLean from Amazon!  A 2 month supply is only about $20!!